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July 23, 2020

We have great news! After much work and much discussion, the board has set a date for resuming our in-person worship service in the sanctuary: Sunday August 23, at 10:00 a.m. Im so glad that were finally going to see each other again, worship in the sanctuary, and praise God together.

Just like the Hebrew people entering the Promised Land after their endless wandering in the desert, our future is going to be quite a bit different than the future weve been hoping for. Here are the primary changes for our worship service. All these inconveniences are necessary, so that we are in compliance with New York State guidelines, and CDC recommendations:

Everyone needs to wear a face mask, for the entire time were in the building. Well have disposable facemasks for those who need them.

The ushers will take our temperature, when we enter the building. We have purchased touchless thermometers for this purpose.

A record will be kept of everyone who enters the building, for tracking purposes in the event of infection.

Six-foot social distancing will be strictly maintained. The pews have been arranged so that individuals and families can maintain appropriate distance.

Heres the really hard part: We wont sing. We wont shake hands or pass the peace. We wont serve communion. We wont have coffee hour together. Someday we will, but not yet.

All areas of the building other than the sanctuary and narthex will be closed, and everyone must enter through the east sanctuary door only. The bathrooms will be available, but there will be rules for their use, including only one person at a time.

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The United Church of Painted Post (UCPP) is a unique Methodist/Presbyterian federation where we aim to extend a warm and friendly welcome to everyone who worships with us. Nursery and child-care is provided.

UCPP Mission Statement: The mission of our federation is "to know Jesus Christ, to make Him known, and to serve others in His Love." We are "called to be a loving, caring, faithful family of spirit-filled Christians devoted to the study and sharing of God's word,... joyful in worship, constant in prayer, open in fellowship," and "with other churches, reaching out to the community and the world in the name of Christ."

UCPP Ministries: In addition to our Sunday morning worship service and Sunday School program, our church has committees that actively plan other special services, events, and ministries throughout the year that promote mission outreach (local and international), fellowship, and spritual growth. We also have a youth group (the WHO) that sponsors special events throughout the year. Our facilities house a local food pantry--which we help sponsor and operate--and provide space where a variety of other non-profit community groups (Scouts, Red Cross, senior citizens, a barbershop quartet, and others) can meet. We are always looking for new ways to live out and share the love of Christ, so new faces and ideas are always welcome. Do come see us--and, with us, seek a deeper relationship with Christ.



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